Sweden's most southern archipelago
The lush archipelago in Blekinge is Sweden's southernmost. It has numerous islands and bays and is excellent for kayaking. From Karlshamn in the west to Torhamn in the east is about 60 kilometers as the crow flies, and Järnavik is strategically located in the middle. The kayak rental is located at STF's youth hostel "Gula-Huset" (the Yellow House) in the picturesque Järnavik, approximately 6 kilometers south of Bräkne-Hoby. On the island Tjärö just outside the harbour of Järnavik you find a nature reserve with hiking trails and several fireplaces.

Camp grounds
A large number of camp grounds, with the possibility of spending the night, are available both on the mainland and on certain islands. A detailed map » can always be borrowed when renting a kayak.

For those who want to paddle one way we provide transport of kayaks and equipment at an additional cost.

Seal and bird protection
The archipelago has a rich animal and bird life and some islands are bird sanctuaries 1/4-15/7. When you start approaching Torhamn you will reach areas inhabited by seals which means that you should also bear in mind that this area is a seal sanctuary.

For those who want to learn the basics of kayaking, we offer courses of both one and two days. When renting a kayak is included, if you so desire, a review of basic paddling techniques, techniques for entering and getting out of the kayak, and companion rescue (theoretical analysis on the ground).
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Sea Kayak Järnavik

Järnaviksvägen 80
SE-372 62 Bräkne-Hoby


Lat: 56.1816
Long: 15.0741

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