Here you can read more about how our transport routines work.

General information about transports

What is included in the transport?
What you pay for when ordering a canoe transport is transport of the canoes and related equipment. To facilitate for the customer we also allow people to go with the transport, but this is entirely subject to space and at your own risk. Primarily it is just the drivers, ie one person per car, that can go with the transport.

At what time does the transport depart?
If nothing else is agreed the canoe transport leaves punctually at 12:30 pm from Karlsnäsgården every day except Sunday.

What if we are late?
We do not have the possibility to wait for you if you are late, since this affects the other customers. If you are late you will have to wait until the next transport where there is room in the vehicle. This can be the same day as the original transport was ordered, or the day after. It is very important to report delays in good time on telephone number +46 (0)763 412066 so that we can reschedule the transports in the best possible way.